Manchester Shipping LLC is an international leading Freight Forwarding Company since 2010. Manchester Shipping offers direct outbound and inbound services to and from major cargo destinations around the world.

As a large business, you are arranging shipments on a constant daily basis through your set carriers, but there are times youโ€™re faced with extremely rushed freight shipments or last-minute cancellations.

Manchester Shipping can help get it done for you. Our vast network of carriers and services gives you the power to trim extra costs and save time, money and headaches. Obviously, when you are attempting to ship anything overseas, there are many things that need to be planned out ahead of time. This is when you need an experienced, talented and well versed overseas Manchester Shipping Company helping you to get your products or shipments from Point A to Point B with as few hassles as possible.

We have a professional system in place that tracks and manages all shipments that we facilitate anywhere around the world in real time. We know where your shipment is 24 hours a day, every day, until it arrives where it needs to be.